Takeaway Menu


A Large Selection of our Menu is also available for Take Away. Either pop in and your order will be prepared to order or call us in advance.


 PIZZA                                                                                                                                              8"-10"           
Choose from 8" or 10" base from the selection below or add extra toppings to customize your own  
Garlic Pizza Bread £3.50-£4.50
Garlic Pizza Bread with Cheese £4.50-£5.50
Margarita £5.50-£6.25
Classic Cheese & Tomato  
Hawaiian £7.25-£9.25
Smoked Ham and Pineapple  
Wild Cheese Fungi £6.95-£8.50
Four Cheese and Wild Mushroom  
Meaty Golfer £7.50-£9.50
Mined Beef, Pepperoni, Ham, Chicken, Bacon, & Mozzarella  
'Go Hot' £7.75-£9.75
Meaty Golfer with added Jalapeno  
Chicken Revenge £7.50-£9.50
Reggae Reggae, Chicken, Bacon, Pineapple, Pepeprs, Onion and Mozzarella  
Tuna Melt £7.50-£9.50
Tuna, Prawns and Mozzarella  
Extra Toppings (add to any pizza) £1.00 each
Mozzarella, Cheddar, Goats Cheese, Stilton, Peppers, Sliced Tomato, Chilli, Onion, Pineapple
Peas, Mushrooms, Miced Beef, Pepperoni, Smoked Ham, Reggae Reggae Chicken, Prawns, Flaked Tuna.  
All Served with floured baps with Beef Steak, Tomato, lettuce, pickle.  With Coleslaw, Burger relish, and Chips  
Classic 100% Beef Burger £8.95
Classic Chicken Mayo Burger £8.95
Bacon Cheeseburger £9.95
With Smoked Bacon and Cheddar Cheese  
The Gut Buster Burger £12.95
With Beef Burger, Chicken Fillet, Smoked Bacon, Onion Rings and Cheddar Cheese  
BBQ Chicken Fillet Melt £9.50
With Smoked Bacon topped with French Brie  
Spicy Bean and Cheese Burger £9.50
Spiced Garlic & Cajun Mayonnaise  
Whole Tail Scampi £7.95
With Salad, Chips and Tartar Sauce  
Beer Battered Fish £8.50
With Chips, Garden Peas and Tartar Sauce  
Served with Side Salad  
Chilli Con Carne and Cheese £5.95
Prawns and Maria Rose Sauce £5.50
Cheddar Cheese £4.50
Chicken, Bacon and Cheese £5.75
Tuna Mayonnaise £5.50
Served with side Salad and Crisps  
Gammon Ham and Cheese £5.50
Chickren, Bacon Lettuce and Tomato £5.75
Prawn & Marie Rose sauce £5.50
Tuna Mayonnaise and Cucumber


Cheddar Cheese, Tomato and Onion £4.50








 CHILDRENS MENU                                                                                                                                              
Served with Chunky Chips and Peas  
Chicken Dunkers £5.95
Margarita Pizza £5.95
Sausage £5.95
Battered Fish £5.95
Skinny Fries £2.95
Chunky Chips £2.95
Onion Rings £2.50
Side Salad £2.50
Breakfast to Take Away 8am-12nooon  
Bacon Bap £2.00
Sausage Bap £2.00
Bacon and Egg Bap £3.00
Sausage and Egg Bap £3.00
Breakfast Bap- Bacon, sausage and Egg £4.00